We're closing for a winter break, but will be back again soon!

Canvas Collective Africa is your effortless answer to luxurious glamping in some of the Western Cape’s most beautiful regions.

Not only do we offer luxury glamping (complete with every imaginable creature comfort from private chefs to high quality amenities) – we also offer unique experiences and settings to enjoy too!

Below, we highlight a few things to love about glamping with us:

Immerse yourself in the heart of pristine nature

Our summer destination is heaven on earth: quite literally! This is because we setup in the Overberg Region’s gorgeous Hemel-en-Aarde Valley.

Our camp setting is a soothing pine forest, situated on the scenic Glen Oakes Farm. This forest location provides cool respite from the Cape’s harsh summertime sun and blustery winds, while also ensuring easy access to one of South Africa’s most favoured, fertile wine valleys.

Feel the peace and tranquillity of the Overberg (famously one of South Africa’s most world-renowned, protected and nature-rich regions) descend over you, as you tap into a host of nature-friendly experiences in and around camp.

Activities include visits to Onrus Beach, fun dips in the farm dam, guided nature walks and educational honey collection and bottling.

Good-bye camp setup, hello luxury glamping upon arrival

Camping is always a great adventure – but one of its downsides is unquestionably having to manually setup camp. Even the most seasoned, enthusiastic campers admit that setting up camp is not always best fun at the end of long drive or day’s journeying…

But, with Canvas Collective Africa and our beautiful canvas glamping tents, you no longer need to worry about setting up camp: we’ve already done it for you!

Best of all, our on-site facilities and creature comforts include high-end bedding, quality linen (such as custom-made mosquito net, high thread Egyptian cotton materials and soft rugs), stylish, yet highly eco-friendly furnishings and features, a refreshing rain shower and more, all found within the dreamy safari-style canvas tents and the nearby en-suite ablution area(s).

Gourmet food in South Africa’s first mobile fine dining restaurant

The Field Kitchen ensures that our guests’ every food craving is promptly and satisfyingly attended and catered to.

Here, in a glass-, canvas- and steel-cabin, guests dine in style, enjoying exciting, yet approachable cuisine. This is made fresh using locally sourced ingredients and expertly paired with some superb local wines and carefully distilled spirits.

What’s more, as you sit in luxury (indoors or out, it’s your call) at this simple, yet elegant mobile eatery, you can even observe the kitchen’s passionate meal prep and cooking- and plating-processes.

The Field Kitchen provides everything from gourmet breakfasts-in-bed to delightful country picnics, high teas and generous dinners (complemented by post-dinner potstill brandy and stories swapped around the fire).

Great glamping: no matter the weather

Every camper knows the sinking regret of a cancelled camping trip due to unseasonal or inclement weather – but with our glamping experience, your trip proceeds ahead, irrespective of the weather.

Our summer evenings are an especially magical time, as guests gather around the fire or relax in their tents, quietly mesmerised by impressive coral sunsets and bright stars that dance across the vast African sky.

Family-friendly tented accommodation (by arrangement)

Another major drawcard is that our glamping is child-friendly by arrangement. This means that, with us, the whole family gets to enjoy a thrilling, luxurious glamping experience.

We guarantee that everyone will get to enjoy quality downtime, restorative mental- and physical-rest and above all, luxury tented accommodation and incredible countryside exploration from our spectacular basecamp.

These are just some of the reasons to love glamping with us… Now, isn’t it time you to book your glamping getaway with Canvas Collective Africa?